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Member Discounts

Union Safe is an organization that offers unique discounts for Union Plus participants who are in union financial hardship.

Union Safe Discounts Include:

Job Loss Grants of $250 for qualified Union Plus Credit Card holders who have been recently laid off for more than 90 days.

Hospital Care Grants of $1000 for qualified Participants in the Union Plus Credit Card, Mortgage or Union Secure Insurance programs who have been recently hit with large, un-reimbursed hospital expenses.

Medical Bill Negotiating Service may help union members reduce large, outstanding out-of-pocket medical bills from hospitals, doctors, dentists, diagnostic centers and more.

Disability Grants of $1000 - $2000 for qualified Union Plus Credit Card holders who have significant income loss due to recent long-term illness or disability.

Save My Home Hotline to help members avoid foreclosure. Call 1-866-490-5361.

Mortgage Assistance to help Union Plus Mortgage holders who are laid off, disabled or on strike make their mortgage payments.

College Savings Grants of $500 for union members and retirees who open a new 529 tax-free college savings or pre-paid tuition account for their children or grandchildren, and contribute at least $1000.